28 Feb

Creative Writing Workshop

On Thursday 15th February, screenwriter and film director Mike Carter visited KEHS to host our annual Creative Writing Workshop. The session, which was attended by over 120 pupils from eight local primary schools, allowed the children to practise their story writing skills and learn new ways to come up with exciting storylines. Mike has worked with Roald Dahl on a musical adaptation of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, which premiered at The Gardner Arts Centre in 1986 and which has enjoyed numerous productions since (including the BBC’s highly-acclaimed ‘Listen’ Series starring Gary Wilmot and Maria Friedman). He has also collaborated with Raymond Briggs on the only stage adaptation of the cult comic book, ‘Fungus the Bogeyman’ which opened at the Leicester Haymarket under the direction of the late Ken Campbell in 1995. Additionally, Mike also wrote the film script of ‘Connected’ starring Natasha Staples and Luke Healy, which has enjoyed screenings in the UK, New Zealand and across Europe. He is also a ‘Writer in Residence’ at Hurstpierpoint College and is passionate about encouraging young people to experience what he refers to as ‘the writing journey’.

The Creative Writing Workshop was a huge success, as Mike inspired the children to produce their own short stories using ‘what if scenarios.’ The pupils left with a renewed interest in reading and writing having learnt new techniques to create fantastic stories.

Go to our Flickr page to see more photos of the workshop.