16 Feb

Creative Writing Workshop

On Thursday 16th February, screenwriter and film director Mike Carter returned to KEHS to host the annual Creative Writing workshops for primary school pupils across Birmingham. Both the morning and afternoon workshops were completely booked up, with 200 children from 14 different schools attending across the two workshops. Mike had the children gripped from the beginning of the session with his fascinating storytelling, and inspired children to produce their own short stories using ‘What If…?’ scenarios. One pupil from each school had the opportunity to share their story with the group at the end, and the results were fantastic!

Our Creative Writing workshops are always extremely popular and once again we received excellent feedback with teachers commenting:

‘An inspirational workshop with great tips on how to start a story’

‘It got the children thinking outside of their comfort zone’

‘Storytelling rather than a focus on SPAG was very refreshing!’

‘I attended last year and have used the ‘What if…?’ strategy with my Year 6 class – it helped those struggle who initially struggle to get started. Have used it on numerous occasions since!’

‘The children were really engaged – most are EAL but they thoroughly enjoyed it and the tips for writing were delivered in a memorable way. The children loved meeting a real writer and really enjoyed the freedom of writing what they wanted!’

‘Excellent session – our second time at the Creative Writing workshop – it has a valuable place in the curriculum.’