Attainment in public examinations continues to be excellent and the school regularly ranks amongst the top performing independent schools in the country.

At A Level, three year average figures (2014-2016) show that 29% girls achieved A*, 75% A*/A and 89% A*-B.

At GCSE level, three year average figures (2014-2016) show that 68% girls achieved A* and 90% A*/A.

GCSE Results: In 2015, the school achieved its best GCSE results for over a decade with 69% A* and 92% A*/A grades; 62 girls out of 86 achieved all A*/A grades. This is perhaps all the more remarkable given the strong core of eight academic subjects all girls currently take. In 2016, GCSE results exceeded the previous summer’s record, placing the school 15th nationally in The Times GCSE League tables. In summary, percentages at each grade were as follows: 75% A*, 92% A*/A. In a year group of 75 girls, 51 girls achieved all A*/A and 30 girls achieved 10 A* or more.

A Level results: In 2016, at A Level, 29% achieved A*, 75% A*/A and 89% A*-B, placing the school in 23rd place nationally in The Daily Telegraph A Level League tables. In a year group of 82, 29 girls got 4 A*/A or more and 53 girls achieved 3 A*/A or more, whilst 15 girls achieved 3 A* or more. In 2015, at A level, 64% achieved A*/A and 87% A*-B. 43 out of 75 girls obtained 3 or more A Levels graded at A or A*, 21 girls achieved 4 or more A*/A grades and 17 achieved all A*/A grades. In 2014, girls achieved 38% A*, 87% A*/A and 88% A*-B.

In 2016, we were delighted that 11 girls took up places at Oxford and Cambridge. 11 girls have conditional offers to study a range of subjects at Oxford and Cambridge for October 2017.