13 Mar

Classics Trip to Bath

On Wednesday 11th March, the Upper Fourth visited the famous spa town of Bath, the Roman 'Aquae Sulis'. Even before the arrival of the Romans, Celts worshipped the goddess Sulis here, believing that their ailments could be cured by immersion in the hot spring waters. During the Roman occupation of Britain, the Romans developed a huge set of baths and built a temple for the goddess Sulis Minerva, the combined Celtic Sulis and Roman Minerva, so that visitors would enjoy a comfortable and luxurious experience. The baths continued to be developed and added to throughout the Roman period and are still magnificent today. There are fantastic collections of Romano-British artefacts on display, from curse tablets and jewellery people threw into the Sacred Spring to the tombstones of visitors who died at Aquae Sulis. The girls enjoyed watching the computer reconstructions which help us to understand what the baths may have looked like in Roman times. This visit was planned to coincide with our study of Bath in the Cambridge Latin Course textbook and will greatly enhance the girls' understanding of this important Roman site.