17 May

Thirds Trip to the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

On Monday 13th May, the Thirds took a memorable trip to the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park. The students were very excited at the prospect of seeing some rare and endangered species. After a pleasant amble from school, the students arrived at the nature reserve, where they were given an interesting questionnaire along with plenty of time to roam around the site. The trail provided an opportunity to see all sorts of creatures, from groups of Greater rhea – the elders rushing to flank the little ones if our eyes stayed on them for too long, to golden lion tamarin monkeys – flaunting their agility while nonchalantly munching on bananas, to Red pandas royally lounging on branches and finally reptiles curled around objects, camouflaged from prying eyes! Students were reminded of the value of nature and enjoyed the distraction from their usual routines. They all learned a lot about each of the species and found the afternoon very informative. This was most certainly a trip never to be forgotten!