28 Jan

Thirds Trip to Symphony Hall

On Friday 18th January 2019, the Thirds went to a concert given by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall, featuring strings, woodwind, brass and percussion conducted by Michael Seal. The concert was thoroughly enjoyable and many brilliant pieces were performed from different times and places, highlighting the talent of the different sections of the orchestra. The presenter, Tom Redmond, gave details about each performance including when they were written, who by and where, as well as the context of each piece. The stage was laid out so that the students could see the different families of instruments, which were all colour coded. Different families of instruments were used to introduce each piece and an explanation was given about the roles of each one in creating musical texture. When put together, the piece sounded complete, glorious and filled the room. A particular highlight was when the orchestra spelt out the name of the presenter using music, and he described how each note and letter were related. Overall, the concert was thrilling and enjoyable. Thank you to all the teachers who made the trip possible.