04 Jul

The Model United Nations Conference

On Sunday 30th June, students took part in this year’s Withington Model United Nations conference and won a host of awards. The conference was opened by guest speaker Dr Nirmala Pilay, who has researched the good works that organisations such as the United Nations and other NGOs can do to protect the rights of vulnerable groups such as female prisoners in Zimbabwe. After the opening speech, our delegates joined their various committees to debate the issues and pass resolutions on how to address a variety of problems facing the world community. In conjunction with KES, we sent delegations representing China, Malaysia, Singapore, Equatorial Guinea, Germany, Syria, Switzerland and Venezuela. Various controversial issues were discussed, from divorce rights to global climate change. At the end of the conference, the prize winners were announced and our China delegation was presented with the Highly Commended Award. Congratulations to Nikita, Safaa and Shivanii, our representatives on this delegation. Congratulations also go to Priya, Sheneli, Tvisha and Cathy. We are looking forward to our next conference which will be held at Malvern St James School in the Autumn term.