04 Feb

Senior Production: Suspicion, Mistrust and Mortality

This year’s senior production, The Crucible, is running from Wednesday 30th January to Saturday 2nd February and even featured an added performance due to the popular demand for tickets! The show includes a talented cast of 45 actors evenly split across KEHS and KES; the cast and crew have worked extraordinarily hard to produce a beautiful and powerful piece of theatre that explores suspicion, mistrust, jealousy and morality. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is set in Salem, Massachusetts, a small town ruled by strict Puritanism and details the community’s dealings with accusations of witchcraft. The play is based almost entirely on real people and real events, both thrilling and horrifying for the audience to witness. The production invites the audience to think not just about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 but other 'witch hunts' that take place in our current world. Once again the Drama and Music Departments of KEHS and KES have excelled themselves and produced a show that is powerful, moving and visually impressive.