28 Jan

Salus Week

This week, we hosted our annual Salus event, which has proved to be incredibly enjoyable. Building on the success of last year, a Lower Sixth Salus Week Committee was put together and the students have worked hard to plan a range of activities for the whole school, focusing on this year’s theme of sleep. The Entrance Hall has been busy throughout the school day with live music performances from teachers in the mornings, as well as students colouring in and playing Jenga at lunchtimes. There have been lunchtime performances from students in the canteen, feel good movie showings and students have embraced a range of different activities. Highlights include making a Tudor bed in Mrs Hargraves ‘Sleep Through the Ages’ workshop, practising the Tibetan Five Rites yoga-style exercises with Miss Woods, smoothie making, knitting workshops, and the incredibly popular lavender pillow drops workshops every lunchtime, which has left the School more fragrant than ever! In addition, there has been an aquafit session, a cross country run to Canon Hill Park and workshops on emotional intelligence and overcoming exam pressure! Students have also spent form time completing puzzles, getting some fresh air and tracking their nightly sleep. Sixth Formers and staff have enjoyed pyjama day, raising money for The Children’s Sleep Charity which works with children and families to improve sleep quality, particularly for children who have experienced trauma or illness. Thank you to all staff and students who have given so generously of their time to provide these activities. We hope that students will continue to benefit from this week and prioritise their sleep and overall wellbeing.