08 Feb

Roman Day

On Tuesday 5th February, the Thirds had the chance to gain an insight into the life of a Roman soldier as they were visited by Gaius Flavius Longinus, Optio X Cohort, Legio XXvv, Deva. Gaius spoke to students about the different ranks within the Roman army and the corresponding financial reward for different positions, as well as the size and scale of different legions and centuries. Each form group was able to quiz the Optio about his efforts to achieve a higher rank and his belief that life as a Centurion was very difficult, despite the higher financial reward. The Optio showcased the tools and armour that were essential for his life in the Roman army, and one student in each form was selected as a model for the uniform. The students were then able to get a taste of life on the battlefield, practising some simple shield formations and fighting techniques! The experience was very enjoyable and the students would like to thank their Optio for teaching them so much.