04 Mar

Harry Potter Book Night

On Thursday 7th February, the third annual Harry Potter Book Night took place at KEHS. Across the world there were an amazing 13,500 different celebrations based on the theme of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! In the week leading up to the event, students were able to be ‘sorted’ by the sorting Hat into their Hogwarts House and participate in a scavenger hunt across the school in order to win points for their house. Many other activities also took place, including sock designing for Dobby the Elf, colouring in pictures of Diagon Alley and crafting dragons! The main event, the Super Fan Quiz, took place in the Junior Library which was decorated with house banners, potions and floating candles and was filled with participants from every year group. After four rounds of Harry Potter trivia the winners were announced. Melissa was the first runner up, winning a mini Hogwarts diorama, Zeena was awarded third place, winning a Marauder’s Map Book and Wand, Ektaa was awarded second place, winning a PolyJuice Potion desk light and Francesca was crowned the overall winner, scoring an impressive 45 points and winning the Harry Potter Hamper complete with chocolate frogs and Butter Beer! A magical time was had by all!