28 Jan

Aristophanes' Frogs

On Thursday 24th January, 19 Greek students ventured to Warwick Arts Centre to watch a reimagined production of Aristophanes’ Frogs. The play dramatises the adventure of Dionysus, the patron-god of the theatre, and his slave Xanthias, to the Underworld as they hope to resurrect the tragedian Euripides, who had died in the previous year. Before the main event, students had the privilege of hearing an enlightening discussion on the subject of Greek drama led by Dr Emmanuela Bakola, academic consultant of the production and Professor Toph Marshall from the University of British Columbia. The play itself was a hilarious modern twist on the ancient comedy and was a delight to watch. The highlight of the play was the raging rap battle between the two infamous tragedians, Aeschylus and Euripides. All the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.