09 Jul

Upper 4th Film Making Days

On Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd July, our Upper Fourth girls on the Film Studies course were visited by a highly

reputable film crew, who have previously worked on a number of feature films with big names, including FIFA!

The crew consisted of three professional members: a director, a cameraman and a soundman. Our girls met

with the crew prior to the start of filming to pitch their ideas for the film and ensure that everyone had a

similar understanding about what they wanted the finished product to look like. During this process, the crew

also offered advice as to how the girls could improve their script in order to produce the best possible results,

which enabled our girls to learn a lot about the process of writing and developing a script. After a script had

been agreed, the filming process began, with some girls opting to be in the spotlight, whilst others took on the

role of the director. By the end of the two days, the groups managed to produce footage for four fantastic

short films, which the crew have now taken away to begin the editing process. The finished products should be

available for viewing at the start of the next academic year.