05 Feb

Spanish Theatre Trip

On Monday 29th January, GCSE Spanish students, accompanied by Señora Atkins and Señorita Rixon, travelled to Solihull School to watch a play by Firewalk Theatre. The Spanish novella 'Lazarillo de Tormes' was published anonymously in 1554, and follows the life of Lázaro, a pícaro (a rogue or rascal from a family of ill-repute). The novella is credited with founding the picaresque novel, and precedes many other stories in which the adventures of the pícaro expose the hypocrisy of a corrupt society (especially the government and the church), while amusing the reader with jokes and playful language. The novel’s critical stance saw its prohibition by the Spanish Inquisition, however, its influence can be seen in more modern literary works, such as Oliver Twist. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the comical production, which was performed almost entirely in Spanish and consisted of only two actors. They returned back to school with a new appreciation for foreign language theatre, and a new perspective on Spanish culture.