03 Dec

Religious Studies Conference

Is it possible to combine the idea of an omniscient God with human free will? Does it make logical sense to argue that God does not exist? These questions were just two within a great many more that eight Upper Sixth Religious Studies students were asked to consider during the annual Candle Conference held at Coventry Cathedral on Monday 26th November. The day, hosted by philosopher Peter Vardy, proved to be interesting and challenging in equal measure and was a useful supplement to the A Level specification, providing new perspectives and interpretations. Especially enlightening was the focus placed on the different understandings of God within the philosophical and biblical traditions. Students were able to consider how this has influenced arguments for and against the existence of God. The day also provided an opportunity for students to practise their essay planning skills, focusing on the importance of analysis and evaluation. A special thanks must go to Dr Jackson-Royal for organising the trip and to Mr Symes for accompanying the girls on what proved to be a thoroughly insightful day.