09 Mar

Professor Yujin Nagasawa Visits RS Department

“If something is necessary does it mean it exists in every possible reality?” “What is the difference between an argument and a proof?” These were some of the questions discussed by Upper Sixth Religious Studies students this week when they were visited by eminent Professor of Philosophy, Yujin Nagasawa, from the University of Birmingham. The discussion focused on one of the topics covered in the Philosophy paper which forms part of the A Level in Religious Studies. This topic involves an analysis of modal logic as well as whether it is possible to use philosophical reasoning to demonstrate whether religious beliefs are sound and true. It was incredibly beneficial for pupils to have the opportunity to listen to such an eminent speaker who currently undertakes research in this particular area of philosophy. We would like to thank Professor Yujin Nagasawa for giving up his time to visit our Religious Studies students and we look forward to his visit again next year.