29 Jan

Neuroscientist Visits RS Department

Eminent neuroscientist Dr Ahmed from the School of Medicine at the University of Birmingham visited the Religious Studies Department on Wednesday 24th January. He came to speak to the Sixth Form about current research on the brain and how this links to philosophical theories of the mind. As part of their A level studies, girls investigate the concept of the mind and its relationship to the brain as well as getting to grips with dualist and materialist views. Dr Ahmed’s talk enabled the audience to explore these ideas further as well as allowing our students to engage with current research in neuroscience. The talk was an invaluable extension to lessons and should help the girls to develop their own essay writing skills. We would like to thank Dr Ahmed for his excellent talk which was warmly received by all the students and we look forward to him visiting KEHS again next year to talk to the next cohort of A Level students.