06 Mar

Lower Fourth Visit to International Slavery Museum Trip

On Wednesday 28th February, we were given the opportunity to visit the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, situated in a renovated warehouse in the Albert Dock. The museum explores the story of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. We learnt about the life of an enslaved person from their journey from relative freedom to a life of unpaid labour and brutality. There was also a hands-on workshop with artefacts where we were able to hold and feel some of the ropes, shackles and branding irons which helped us to imagine what life might have been like for slaves. We also looked at kente cloth to help us learn about Africa before the Slave Trade, and looked at objects and stories associated with slave rebellion and resistance. The artefacts were supported in the wider museum by videos, images and text depicting many heart breaking stories, giving us a feel for the inhumane cost of slavery on the people involved. The trip has given us key historical context that will serve as a useful basis for further learning about the topic in our history lessons this term.