22 Oct

Engineering Education Scheme

On Wednesday 17th October, the KEHS Engineering Education Scheme team attended a project launch day at the RAF Museum in Cosford. They started the day by practising their organisational skills before the main challenge: creating a rocket propelled car that would successfully travel the furthest. This greatly tested the girls knowledge of Physics and aeronautics: one member of our team insisted on building a light three-wheeled vehicle, which Mrs Hall correctly predicted would travel in circles before it skidded to a halt. However, this unconventional structure of the car did not prevent them from being awarded second place! The remaining portion of the day was related to different real life applications of Physics and the value of Engineering. Thank you to Mrs Hall for organising this wonderful opportunity!

Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening
17th November 6.30pm

To register your interest, please complete the form on the Admissions Overview page. An invitation to the Zoom meeting will be emailed to you on Monday 16th November.