09 Mar

Dr Sara Jabbari Visits KEHS

On Monday 5th March, Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, Dr Sara Jabbari, visited KEHS as part of our ‘Girl Boss Week.’ Dr Jabbari, who is the Head of Applied Mathematics and a member of the Institute of Microbiology and Infection, delivered a ‘Women in STEM’ lecture entitled ‘Fighting Disease with Maths,’ designed to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM subjects. Dr Jabbari provided an insight into her professional career researching antibiotic resistance and ways of generating equations to replicate biological systems such as blood flow, tissue engineering, population dynamics and tumour growth. She also talked about how mathematical models can create simulations of bacterial infections and therefore help discover new drugs and ways of combating infection. Dr Jabbari then discussed some of her most successful research projects, most of which were led by women! She concluded the lecture by highlighting that STEM subjects are indeed for everyone and can lead to a career in an array of different fields. Many thanks to Dr Jabbari for delivering such an informative and inspiring lecture and we look forward to inviting her back in the future.