09 Mar

CS Week

Sixth Form Charity Week 2018 saw some new and hugely successful events. The week started off with a bang, welcoming hundreds of students from both KES and KEHS to watch the much anticipated ‘First Dates’. Inspired by the reality TV show, eight Sixth Formers put their dignity aside to take part in an intimate date! On Tuesday, the baton was passed on to four teachers, who battled it out to take the crown of ‘Most intelligent teacher at KEHS’. Next up was the renowned KEHS Masterchef, where Miss Priest, Mr Moore, Miss Masterson and Mr Symes put their culinary skills to the test. Blood, sweat and tears were spilled during this race against the clock, until Miss Masterson finally emerged as winner (although special recognition must go to Mr Moore for his unique and somewhat effective method of cooking pasta). Thursday saw an impromptu singalong, an event which seemed especially popular to Sixth Formers, who revelled in the opportunity to indulge their inner child and enjoy some great songs from the past. Due to popular demand, Masterchef opened its curtains to an eager audience once again on Friday, with the addition of a further KEHS Cake Sale. Overall, the week was a huge success, raising £714.44, with all of the proceeds going towards Unicef. Many thanks to everyone who donated to this incredibly worthy cause!