03 Nov

Upper Fourth Film Making

In the summer term, girls in the Upper Fourth had the opportunity to plot, script and produce their own short films during their ‘Creative Living’ enrichment class. Groups produced rough cuts for their films which were then judged by MCN Productions, a professional film company. The two winning films, The Box and The Deadline, were then chosen to be filmed professionally. Working with the film company gave the girls an excellent opportunity to find out what really goes into making a film on location. They had the opportunity to assist with sound production, camera work and directing, as well as choosing the most suitable location to shoot their scenes. The girls learned valuable techniques such as layering audio on top of a filmed scene, writing consistently realistic and expressive dialogue as well as adjusting the script to link with the actions on screen. Overall, the process of script to screen was challenging at times, but the finished product certainly reflects the girls’ hard work and commitment. Congratulations to all of the girls for sharing their creative talents with the whole school in our final assembly before half term. Click here to view The Box and The Deadline.