03 Nov

Thirds Foundation Service

On Thursday 2nd November, all of our Thirds attended the annual Foundation Service, held to welcome new Year 7s joining the Foundation of Schools of King Edward VI. The nine schools of the Foundation were represented at the service in the awe-inspiring Great Hall at the University of Birmingham. It was a truly special occasion, with Dr Fenton from King Edward's School speaking about the history of our existence right from our beginnings as the Guild of the Holy Cross and then spanning through the centuries up to the present day where the schools educate over 9000 children in Birmingham at any one point. Music from the Chamber Choir of KEHS and KES added great atmosphere to the occasion and the drumming of the Senior Dohl group from King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls really stunned the audience. The service concluded with two Sixth Form students from King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy talking about their notions of success. Each Year 7 was given a special badge to recognise the year in which they joined the Foundation. The Thirds found the experience gave them an opportunity to reflect on the importance of harnessing the excellent education the Foundation schools offer, as well as a chance to share time with their brother and sister schools.