08 May

The Inaugural Upper Fourth Cotswolds Pursuits Trip

On Friday 28th May, 60 Upper Fourths accompanied by eight brave members of staff and seven Lower Sixth girls headed for the Cotswolds Water Park (dreaming of our beds and recovery from the first week of the summer term). As a reward for conquering the backbreaking task of setting up an entire field of tents, dinner was served in the form of a boot full of pizza – literally enough to feed the 5000! Fast-track four hours and the KEHS spirit was radiating from the campfire in the form of multiple renditions of some good-old camp songs, completed with roasting marshmallows and chilling ghost stories.

On Saturday, half of the girls spent their day completing a 12km hike, whilst gaining invaluable map skills from our Sixth Formers who had recently battled Gold Duke of Edinburgh. We then whittled our own tent pegs using knives and scavenged wood; learnt how to light fires without matches; and built the most durable shelters in an enlightening “bushcraft” session. The other half bravely wrestled with the raging winds whilst undertaking a variety of watersport activities from kayaking and canoeing to stand-up paddleboarding and raft building, from which not one person emerged dry! On the following day the groups switched to enjoy a full range of activities.

All in all, the trip was a jam-packed weekend, full of unforgettable moments. These, amongst other highlights, made for great stories on the way back to Birmingham coupled with a KEHS edition of carpool karaoke featuring Mrs Waites and Mr Jarvis.

On behalf of everyone on the trip, we would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff involved and a particularly big thank you to Mr Jarvis, without whom such a trip would not have been possible. Roll on next year!