13 Mar


In Tuesday’s assembly, Mr Bassett and his A Level Art students officially launched the Big Sleuth Competition. To most of us, the word ‘sleuth’ means a detective but it’s also the collective noun for a group of bears, and KEHS is among scores of schools who have been given a sculpture of the endangered sun bear to decorate. The finished models will be displayed in venues around the city this summer alongside up to 100 large bears, sponsored by businesses as part of ‘The Big Sleuth’ trail (a sequel to the hugely successful project ‘The Big Hoot’ in 2015). The large bears will then be auctioned off in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital, whose regional fund-raiser Tanita Mistry joined us for assembly on Tuesday to tell us how the money will be spent.

Girls have the chance to enter a competition in school to produce a thought provoking and imaginative design to decorate the bear. The winning design will be painted onto our very own sun bear. Runners up will be able decorate smaller versions of the bear which will go on display in an exhibition in school.

Girls can obtain templates for the competition from the Art Department. The deadline for entry is Monday 24th April and designs are to be handed in to Miss Wade. Possible themes might include: research into the plight of the sun bear; exploring artistic styles; famous bears; the environment; the “Sleuth” or a combination of subjects you study at school.

Find out more on our assembly blog. Good luck!