08 May

Engineering Education Scheme Assessment

Over the last six months, four girls in the Lower Sixth, Amber, Asmita, Melissa and Sirui have been involved in EES (Engineering Education Scheme), offered as a part of Sixth Form Friday afternoon blocks. The scheme enables students to undertake real engineering projects, as well as participating in workshops and company visits. KEHS was linked with Arup, a global engineering company, and assigned two mentors to guide and support the team throughout the project. The project given to the girls required them to design the vertical alignment (the height above the ground) of a section of HS2, the High Speed Railway in the UK.

On the afternoon of Friday 28th April, Amber, Asmita, Melissa and Sirui, accompanied by Mrs Hall, went to Blythe Valley Business Park in Solihull to deliver a presentation to professional engineers at Arup. The presentation documented the overall process, including the problems encountered and the solutions reached. It was well received despite a small technical hitch, and valuable feedback was given. The girls were then fortunate enough to be given a tour around the Arup office by their mentors.

The afternoon at Arup served as a practice for the "Celebration and Assessment Day" held at Cranmore Park, Solihull, on Tuesday 2nd May. This event was attended by EES teams from 67 schools across the West Midlands. Each team delivered a 15 minute presentation to a group of assessors, and later had to answer questions about their project. Throughout the day each team managed a display stand, where their work was presented to other students, mentors, parents and members of the public. The girls were able to look at other projects, which included a 3D printed model of a jet engine and a smartphone app created for tag recognition. The day concluded the team's participation in the programme.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially these two recent events, and we have gained invaluable technical and teamworking skills. Many thanks to the school for the opportunity to participate in the scheme, to Mrs Hall for overseeing the entire project and accompanying us to every event, and to our mentors for their expertise and tireless support.