28 Apr

Spanish Exchange to Cordoba

In the early hours of Monday 17th April, 21 eager Spanish students embarked on the annual Spanish exchange trip to Córdoba. Upon arriving in the hot and beautiful city in southern Spain, some girls were waiting anxiously to meet their new pen pals, whilst others could not wait to be reunited with old friends. After adjusting to the Spanish climate and meeting our lovely host families, we all reassembled the following morning to take pleasure in having 'circle time' (onion ring in the words of Señora Atkins!) during which we not only got to meet many students of Escuelas Pias, but also teach and learn some trabalenguas (tongue twisters) which proved to be highly entertaining to say the least!

Having enjoyed the mornings consisting of Spanish language lessons and visiting various monuments and museums within the city, the evenings were spent meeting as a large and excited group for a taste of Spanish culture. This included a taster of flamenco, a tour of the breathtaking Mezquita-Catedral, as well as eating ice cream whenever and wherever possible.

The penultimate full day was spent immersing ourselves further into Spanish culture and history, in the city of Granada, touring the Alhambra Palace and shopping in the authentic local shops.

Being so exhausted by the last day, due to such an exciting itinerary and crazy Spanish customs (eating dinner at 11pm made us realise why a siesta is necessary) most of us got the lie in we deserved, before embarking on a fun-filled day with our host families and friends; some went bowling, others tried on some beautiful flamenco dresses, and two of us were lucky enough to attend a festival of colours!

All in all the trip was highly successful with each and every girl enjoying themselves so much that the goodbyes proved to be very difficult and emotional!

On behalf of everyone on the trip we would like to say a massive thank you to Señora Atkins and Madame Franco; without their excellent organisation of this phenomenal trip, it would not have been possible to create such special memories and meet new friends. ¡Una experiencia inolvidable!