04 Dec

Sixth Form Seminar Lunch

On Wednesday 22nd November, Asyia Iftikhar, Priyanka Kaushal and Cerian Richmond-Jones presented their research findings at a Sixth Form Seminar lunch in front of parents, guests, staff and their close friends. Asyia spoke about ‘The Mu’tazilites and the Translation Movement'. She supported her arguments with detailed facts and research from various sources, which gave an insight into the influence of the translation movement. Priyanka’s presentation was about ‘The effects of Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) on Breast Cancer’ which reviewed how light from modern technology could potentially increase the incidence of breast cancer and therefore needs further investigation. It was particularly alarming to see, on a worldwide scale, the link between light pollution and the number of cases of breast cancer. Cerian delivered a presentation titled ‘To what extent do crimes against humanity since 1900 stand in the shadow of the Holocaust genocide?’ which was an evocative topic and passionately delivered. Cerian was able to link her findings with many issues occurring in the world today considering the implications for the countries involved. All the students delivered their presentations in an enthusiastic manner and they all coped extremely well in fielding questions from the audience. Asiya, Priyanka and Cerian should be congratulated their excellent presentations!