13 Feb

Sixth Form Seminar Lunch

On Monday 6th February, Calypso and Anam presented their findings at a Sixth Form Seminar lunch in front of parents, guests, staff and their close friends. Calypso spoke about the ‘The Hidden Truth: is animal agriculture destroying the planet?’ She firstly raised two main points about this issue; is animal agriculture a major contributor to climate change and why is it left out of any discussions? She supported her arguments with detailed facts and figures from various sources, which gave an alarming outline of the general consumption of meat and its impact on the environment. It was a very persuasive discussion reinforcing why vegetarianism and veganism is a long term solution. Anam’s presentation was about ‘What is antimicrobial resistance, and why should we be concerned?, which reviewed how antibiotics resistance has occurred in bacteria, the action of antibiotics and the various methods that bacteria employ in transmitting the gene for resistance. This issue is a top priority for the World Health Organisation and actions need to be taken on a worldwide scale to combat this problem.

Both students delivered their presentations in an enthusiastic manner and they both coped extremely well in fielding questions from the audience. Calypso and Anam should be congratulated their excellent efforts!