04 Dec

Sinali’s Book Donations

This week, Sinali Gunarathne from the Lower Sixth delivered an assembly to encourage girls to donate any unwanted or unused books to rural schools in Sri Lanka.

“Earlier this year, I went to Sri Lanka to collect some data for an EPQ that I'm currently completing. While I was there I visited two schools, both in fairly rural areas. It struck me how few resources the students had and yet how passionate and appreciative they were to simply have an education. My aunt is a teacher in Sri Lanka and takes part in a 'Kid's Read' project where she goes to schools and distributes books. I thought how important this was to enrich the lives of students less fortunate than we are at KEHS. I also realise how many books I have just sitting on my bookcase that I will not read again. Because this is very close to my heart, I wanted to maximise how much I could give so I sent out a survey asking people how many books they wouldn't read again - it was an average of 25 per person. If everyone could try to donate at least one of those books, it would make such a big difference to students. As well as in schools, books can be donated to libraries which would be just as beneficial to small communities.”

With the help of her family, Sinali has kindly offered to send these books to her aunt in Sri Lanka, who will then distribute them amongst needy schools. There is a hamper in the school entrance hall for anyone who wishes to donate.