20 Nov

Silver CREST Award Success

Last year, KEHS offered Engineering as an enrichment option in the Lower Fifth. This entailed the students working on a project of their own choice in order to enter it for a CREST award, which is the only nationally recognised accreditation scheme for STEM project work. It was very much an independent piece of work; the students worked at their own pace, and were only given help when they asked, or it was required for health and safety reasons. I am delighted to report that all five students successfully gained a Silver CREST award for their projects. Congratulations to Laura who completed a project entitled, ‘Investigating the structure of a carousel’, Naila for ‘Model of a design and technology block’, Mina for ‘Designing a man powered flying device’, Michelle for ‘Designing a balcony for the school hall’ and Katrina for ‘Building a remote control aeroplane’. They should be very proud of their achievement, as it was entirely down to their own efforts!