03 Nov

RS Trip to Krakow

On the 24th October, 35 somewhat jaded sixth formers arrived at school to begin our journey to Kraków. After two coach journeys and one flight, we arrived at Hotel Batory where we were all grateful for a leisurely afternoon to explore Europe’s largest square. The next day, we visited Auschwitz and Auschwitz (II) Birkenau, two of the largest concentration and extermination camps from the Second World War. As well as complementing our studies, the visit moved the whole group and we reflected later on how such a trip forces one to consider the individual stories behind the sometimes-incomprehensible statistics. On Thursday, we had a very hectic day visiting Schindler’s factory, exploring the Jewish Quarter (where we had the chance to see an active orthodox synagogue) and finally having the opportunity to hear from a holocaust survivor who told us her story of escaping a ghetto through the sewer with her Mother. We were all struck by her optimistic outlook on life and very much inspired by her story. After an evening of light relief at the bowling alley and the opportunity to look round the castle on the final morning, we headed home. A special thanks must be extended to Mrs Mahon, Miss Buckley, Mrs Hargraves and especially to Mrs Douglas without whom the trip wouldn’t have been possible. We are all truly grateful to have been offered such a life-changing experience.