13 Nov

RS Conference

On Tuesday 7th November, the Upper Sixth Religious Studies students travelled to Manchester to attend a conference designed to support their A Level course. During the day, various themes were explored including a seminar from Peter Vardy who covered the topic ‘What do we mean by God?’ Other seminars explored questions such as: ‘Is there such a thing as universal human nature?’ ‘If God was omniscient, would this mean that human freedom is an illusion?’ ‘If God were omnipotent, would he be able to make a square circle?’ ‘What did Nietzsche mean when he said ‘God is dead’?’ Girls were also given excellent advice on how to write examination style essays alongside a student debate which gave all those present an opportunity to practise their evaluation skills. The discussions greatly enhanced our students’ ability to comprehend and evaluate the different topics covered in their A Level course. It was an excellent day which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students as well as being incredibly thought provoking.