03 Apr

Linguistics Olympiad Success

Earlier this term, 25 girls from the Sixth Form sat the Advanced Examination of the UK Linguistics Olympiad. This is a challenging test in which girls have to solve linguistic data problems from a wide range of languages with which they are not expected to be familiar. This year the languages included Basque, Maori and Tshiluba. This is the first time that girls from this school have attempted the tests and they received no coaching in advance, therefore, we are delighted that seven girls achieved awards. Ambereen obtained a Silver and is in the top 15% of those who completed the examination. Sneha, Amber, Matilda, Felicity, Millie and Simran all gained Bronze awards and are in the top 35%. This is a great achievement. Many congratulations to all these girls. Next year we hope to open up this competition to a greater number of girls and to introduce the Foundation and Intermediate Levels. Look out for some practice exercises in your Latin lessons in the Summer Term.