13 Nov

KEHS Caller Team Delyveres Success!

We are delighted to announce that The KEHS Trust Pupil Caller Team has been shortlisted for a national prize! The Tes Independent School Fundraising Initiative of the Year Award recognises innovation and new ideas in fundraising. Being shortlisted is a big coup for the school and the Trust, raising our national profile and showing that we continue to be a beacon of best practice.

Most importantly, it is of course a real testament to the fantastic work the girls have done. Each pupil has used her individual skills to help raise awareness of our Assisted Places scheme: debating enthusiasts have joined our caller team; A Level artists designed our new logo; techno whizz-kids created content for our social media and our dramatists helped to film the new campaign video. Every single one of them has given their time and energy to make a real contribution to our school's future – with the tenacity, sincerity and energy that only a current pupil could bring to the task. Enormous congratulations go to Asyia, Camara, Cerian, Dorothy, Eva, Fiona, Lily, Manvir and Mehak for their fantastic achievement!