13 Oct

Greek Theatre Visit

On Wednesday 4th October, the Lower Fifth and Upper Sixth Ancient Greek students embarked on a slightly oversized (50 seat!) coach to Warwick School's Bridge House Theatre to watch Sophocles' Antigone. This was particularly useful for the Lower Sixth, as it is one of our set texts for A Level. The futuristic adaptation was performed by the acclaimed theatre company, 'The Actors of Dionysus'. The theme of power featured prominently as the production focused on Creon, King of Thebes, and his struggle for absolute control. The dystopian setting allowed for the exploration of the corruption in the royal household manifested as a computer virus. The grief of Creon and his son, Haemon, was heart wrenching and beautifully performed. We all thoroughly enjoyed the excursion and would like to thank Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Coetzee for taking us on the trip.