28 Apr

Geographers Visit Iceland

At the start of the Easter holidays, Sixth Form geographers ventured on a five day expedition to the “land of ice and fire”. After a visit to Iceland’s fascinating capital, Reykjavik, on the first day, the rest of the trip focused on the natural wonders of this amazing country, and the relationship between its people and the extreme, hazardous and fragile environment. We were fortunate enough to experience Iceland’s amazing landscapes both in the snow and the sun, with memorable activities including caving in a labyrinth of lava tubes, walking on a valley glacier and exploring its ice caves, swimming in a geothermally heated swimming pool and visiting many stunning waterfalls and fabulous black beaches. We also (just about!) saw the Northern Lights! Our fabulous local tour guide filled us in on the background to some of these natural wonders, and also gave us a taste of cultural life in Iceland, including the importance of trolls that inhabit the icy mountains! Thanks to Mr Duncombe, Mrs Cowan and Miss Priest for giving us some of the best memories of our lives.