28 Apr

Extreme Physics Competition

During the holidays Renee, Katrina, Nikita and Jaya gave up three days to compete in the Extreme Physics competition. The first challenge was to make a one minute timer out of given sand, matches, an empty 2 litre bottle, bulbs and other odd pieces of equipment. The team also learned about cosmic rays and life in space and solved ciphers and Physics questions to earn points, but the greatest challenge was teaching themselves about Einstein and the photoelectric effect and then presenting it to an audience of strangers. The team kept winning rosettes for creativity, whereas rosettes for teamwork, achievement and knowledge were harder to obtain and the competition was close. Finally, with their well-kept journals, good teamwork and perseverance, KEHS managed to win all four rosettes and bring home the trophy for first place. Congratulations to Renee, Katrina, Nikita and Jaya.