Uniform List

In 'Our Expectations of Pupils at KEHS', we ask that girls should dress appropriately and smartly whilst at school, travelling to and from school and on the games field. Wearing the KEHS uniform with pride is part of a girl's commitment to the community and is a sign of respect for and loyalty to the school.

All garments and other property, including purses, stationery, watches and calculators, must be clearly named, so that they can be reunited with their owner, if girls lose them.

Any queries about school uniform should be directed to the Head of Lower School.

School Suppliers

Early Years
407-411 Stratford Road, Shirley
Tel No. 0121-733-1456

Early Years also run a telephone order service. Items are delivered to school (Matron's Room) once a week on Wednesdays.

A. Oakes Limited
174-180 Vicarage Road, Oldbury
Tel No. 0121-552-1684

Uniform is only available from the above designated suppliers.

Blazer KEHS blazer, to be worn travelling to and from school as well as during the school day. In particularly adverse weather conditions, girls may wear a coat of their choosing over the top of their blazer, eg. a waterproof anorak
Scarves Any coloured scarf may be worn as outdoor clothing with the school blazer
Sweaters KEHS green sweater in 3rd – U4th years (Year 7-9). L5th and U5th (Year 10 & 11) wear the black KEHS sweater
Skirts A choice of two styles of skirt. These should be knee length. Only regulation skirts bearing the white Tudor Rose emblem may be worn
Trousers A choice of black uniform trousers is available. Only regulation trousers bearing the white Tudor Rose emblem may be worn
Blouses Green KEHS open neck blouse. Long or short sleeved options. No tee shirt should be visible at the neck
Footwear Shoes should be black and made from leather or imitation leather. Canvas pumps, Converse style trainers and sports trainers must not be worn. If there are extenuating medical circumstances requiring specialist footwear, please supply a signed note from parent/ guardian
Socks/ Tights Black socks, ankle or knee length, or black tights. One or other must always be worn. Trainer socks are not permitted
PE kit All girls must have:

a black KEHS games skirt
any black shorts
a KEHS embroidered sports shirt
a KEHS hooded sweatshirt
a pair of KEHS hockey socks
shin pads
a pair of white sports socks which cover the ankle
a pair of plain black joggers (must not have any stripes or motifs)
a pair of predominantly white trainers
a pair of multi-purpose all-weather shoes suitable for use on Astroturf
a plain black swimming costume and swimming cap of any colour
a leotard, worn with plain black leggings for dance
a shoe bag and a separate sports bag to keep kit in
a gum shield for hockey (you may order a gum shield through a company which the PE department recommend)

The following items are recommended but not compulsory:

a KEHS black skin base layer that can be worn in cold weather

Please note that school jumpers are not to be worn for PE lessons

Lab coat A school white lab coat is worn for science lessons. This must be clearly named on the front
Hair Hair should be of a natural colour. Hair adornments should be simple and in either green, white or black
Jewellery Girls are not allowed to wear any jewellery to school other than one small stud earring in each ear. Each stud should measure no more than 0.5 cm in diameter and be of either plain gold or silver colour. No other piercings are allowed
Make-up Make-up is not considered necessary with school uniform, but if it is worn, it should be of a discreet nature. The School will advise whether or not make-up is suitable. Coloured nail varnish may not be worn