Religious Studies

Our school is situated close to the heart of a vibrant multi-faith, multicultural city. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds – some religious, some not, but all are equally welcome and valued. Girls are encouraged to stand firm within their own belief system, whilst demonstrating a willingness to consider, academically, the beliefs held by others. The positive ethos in the Department encourages lively engagement with religious, philosophical and ethical issues; students feel they have a voice and a right to be heard. A spirit of dialogue, mutual respect and empathy prevails.

A wide variety of teaching methods are used. Students may lead lessons themselves; group work and debates are encouraged. Many artefacts and visual aids enhance learning, as do frequent trips and the opportunity to listen to visiting speakers. ICT skills and independent learning (including a focus on independent learning homeworks) are actively developed and linked to assessed assignments.

We regard it as a pleasure and a privilege to work with students from a variety of backgrounds. We seek to stimulate enquiry and awaken students to the active pursuit of knowledge and understanding of religious traditions, philosophy and ethics. We promote self-awareness and honest self-assessment, by reflecting on issues of personal meaning and identity. We encourage reflection, dialogue, creativity and a sense of the spiritual.