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    Assisted Places

    Our school aims to offer an exceptional education to the brightest girls in the Birmingham area, irrespective of their parents’ ability to pay fees. Funding for Assisted Places comes from a substantial grant from the Governors of the King Edward VI Foundation and generous donations from Old Edwardians.

    The presence of a significant proportion of able and well-motivated girls from a wide range of family backgrounds is a key ingredient to the ethos of the school and benefits the whole community.

    As Assisted Place is awarded on academic merit based upon the school’s own 11+ admissions examination. There are also some Assisted Places available for external applicants in the Sixth Form. Assisted Places are means tested and are based on family income and assets and there is a sliding scale which provides a fee reduction with income up to about £72,000. Should a family have significant ‘capital assets’, for example a house with no mortgage, substantial savings or investment in a family business, these will be taken into account when calculating the fees.

    Demand for Assisted Places far exceeds the funds currently available, so unfortunately not all girls who perform well in the examination and apply for an Assisted Place can be funded.

    Although the Foundation provides significant funding each year, more girls apply for financial assistance than the scheme can support. Assisted places are therefore awarded to the girls who perform best in the admissions examinations. Assisted places are awarded at 11+ and 16+.

    As well as paying all or part of the fees, the Assisted Places scheme can often subsidise necessary educational visits out of school, lunches, travel and uniform. Details of this are made available to girls once they have joined the school in the first year.

    Members of staff at the school and at the King Edward Foundation Office are always happy to explain the Assisted Places scheme and help parents in completing the application form.


    Academic Scholarships are awarded to the most able girls at the discretion of the Principal. Academic Scholarships are available each year and there is no separate scholarship exam.

    A Music Scholarship is available and girls who achieve very highly in our entrance examination, and who are also Grade 6 or above in their musical instrument or voice, will be invited to audition. Please complete the separate sheet and return it with the application form if you wish to be considered for a Music Scholarship.


    It is usual for those girls being considered for a bursary or scholarship to be invited to attend an interview as part of the selection process.